loll look at our different identities its our hoard

italics is our singletsona / what we introduce ourself as IRL / to strangers

collective ID's

sexualities: demi / gray aroace / general a-spec, queer

genders: transmasculine / transman, non-binary, genderqueer, genderflux, boything

misc: non-human / otherkin, techkin, androidkin / robotkin, ghostkin, animalthing beastthing

jay, PK page

i have all these microlabels that i rarely use. italics is what i introduce myself with

sexualities: angled (maybe oriented?) aroace, demisexual, aegosexual(?), apathsexual, queer / mlm

romanticism: demigrayromantic, aroflux, cupioromantic, lithromantic/lithflux

genders: xenogender (cattyboy, catgender, floradecayic, hofemian, thingycenic, feralgender, boything, catthing, sillything), genderfluid, transmasc, genderqueer, GNC, girlboy

misc: t4t freak4freak nonhuman4nonhuman, nonhuman as hell (cat primarily), polyamorous, queerplatonic, neuroattraction (attraction effected by neurodiversity), nebulattraction (struggling to tell romantic/platonic sexual/aesthetic attraction apart)